Full collection titled “Sixties”, designed by Asti for Vistosi Vetri D’arte in the 1960s and produced in 1980s. Eight pieces in “marmorizzato” (marbled), filigree and plain color, with extensive use of “lattimo” (milky glass). The whole collection of 8 models was thought to be repeated 33 times per color, but the number was never achieved because of high production costs. This is a rare opportunity to own the entire collection. All pieces are signed and numbered.
A copy of the original flyer from this production is included with purchase.

BIDOGALE: h. cm 52/20.5” #12/33
DOGALE: h. cm 25 /9.8” #P.A.
YONI: h.cmh. 31/12.2” Diam cm 31,3/12.3” #6/33
SINUOSA: h. cm 33,5/13.2” #5/33
TWIGGI: h. cm 42,8/16.8” #4/33
LINGAM: h. cm 33/13” #6/33
HARRIS: h. cm 28/11” #7/33
LUIGIONA: h. cm 12,5/4.9” Diam. Cm 27/10.6” #11/33

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-TWIGGY is part of the Corning Museum of Glass permanent collection