Instead of using a painting technique, our artisans have decided to use the wood-inlay technique they are more familiar with. This choice also added a bit of originality to their interpretation of the masterpieces by this famous Artist. They selected the ebony veneer as the starting point of their work: its dark color is a perfect match for the elaborate and intricate patterns of plants and animals which is typical of most of Rousseau’s paintings.  It also carries the ideas of exotic and shadows, which are both elements easily associated to the jungle, that is the Artist’s most favorite subject of inspiration.

As for the inlays, the approach followed in dealing with Rousseau’s masterpieces has been twofold. On one hand, our craftsmen decided to stick as close as possible to the original painting; on the other hand, they also wanted to give themselves a little freedom to provide an interpretation that was personal and very unique.  Thus, the table-top of the dining table is a representation of a single painting, in this case the “Fight Between a Tiger and a Buffalo”, a 1908 oil on canvas painting on display at the Cleveland Museum of Art.

For the cabinet, we opted for a combination of elements coming from different paintings.  The central and inspiring idea was the jungle that, as mentioned before, is the recurring theme in the artists’ production. This idea has been re-interpreted using elements taken from different paintings: the reddish plants represented in the right part of the cabinet are inspired by paintings like 

“Tropical Forest with Monkeys” (1910 – National Gallery of Art, John Hay Whitney Collection) and “The Waterfall”, a 1910 oil on canvas.

 The green with red fruits plants in the centre left are inspired by “Jungle Sunset”, a 1910 oil on canvas displayed at the Kunstmuseum in Basel (Switzerland). 

The flowers that can be found all around the cabinet are typical of a number of paintings, such as the above mentioned “Jungle Sunset” and “The Dream”, the largest of the jungle paintings (204,5 x 298,5 cms) on display at the Museum of Modern Art, New York (USA).

It is possible to order bespoke pieces of furniture decorated with veneered themes inspired to the favorite painting.

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