While the chair maintains its classical style footprint, the cabinets and the table go a long way to match the contemporary style. The squared and tightly cut shapes of the cabinet perfectly embody the Art Deco spirit; a touch of elegance is added by the peacock feather decoration found on the cabinet side doors, which is to be found time and again in the other items of the collection.

The central door of the cabinet is quintessential Art Deco, matching a silver plated back with a central inlaid ornament.

The table is radically smooth with its fundamental simplicity; every ornament has been stripped and its richness and luxury lie in the essential design and in the preciousness of the material that has been used, massive ebony wood and ebony veneer.

  • The chairs match a variety of elements belonging to different styles.
  • The back, with its curved shape, contains the defining element of Luis XV style.
  • The front legs are in a classical straight Luis XVI style while the back legs are follow the characteristic bended shape of Luis VX style.
  • Finally, the back of the chair can be enriched with an inlaid decorative shape with Art Deco elements.

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