If you have collectible Murano glass items you want to sell, today you can take advantage of the visibility of our website.

Why Seryolux.com?

  • We are a place where collectors, connoisseurs and lovers of Murano’s art can find very unique pieces
  • Our website is constantly growing and receives more visits every month
  • What drives us is just passion: we do not want to be a site like many others, already existing, where, together with original pieces, you find a lot of junk “Murano” made in China or low quality items…we want the real stuff! Are you ready for that?

What to sell

  • We only accept original pieces of Murano glass: lighting, sculptures, vases, bowls and any other decorative objects
  • Every piece can be either antique, vintage, pre-owned or new: its rarity and quality, together with the relevance of designers, glass-factory and/or master glass-blowers, are the only distinctive features for publication
  • we do not accept common items such as souvenirs, mass production, broken or damaged objects
  • we reserve the right to publish only what we consider convenient for the level of quality and wonder we expect from our website: i.e. do not try to sell a common ashtray just presenting it as a “Venini Era Murano bowl”; it won’t be accepted…use eBay if you like shortcuts… it will sell anyway…

How to apply to sell an item on Seryolux.com

  • Every request has to be sent to theglass.miami@seryolux.com or use our contact us form
  • Attach at least 4 (four) high quality pictures of the object from different angles, top and bottom.
  • Include full description of the item, being sure to be very precise about the conditions, measurements, designer, era, factory etcetera
  • If known, bibliography is very appreciated: do not forget to add it to the description together with any other available documentation.
  • Indicate the price you are willing to sell the item
  • Attach complete personal details, name, city, zip code, phone number, email address (bank details for deposit will be required only after a piece is sold) Your data won’t be used but for the purpose of a sell and you will receive a privacy form attesting it together with a general agreement to sell on www.seryolux.com

How it works

  • After receiving pictures and descriptions, it takes between 5 and 7 business days to accept or reject an item
  • Any provided description can be changed at any time per our only and unquestionable decision
  • Every accepted item is listed on both our home page and specific section (i.e. sculpture, vases) until it is sold or the owner decides to unlist it (no reason is required, but it is mandatory for the owner to advise us as soon as the item becomes unavailable)
  • When we receive a request for an item we contact the owner to receive confirmation of availability and precise quote for handling/shipping/insurance
  • We sell the piece on behalf of the owner who is responsible to diligently pack, insure and ship the piece before 5 business days (if a longer time is required, please let us know before we sell the item)
  • We collect the money on behalf of the owner who will be paid after we have notice from the buyer that the received piece  corresponds in full to the provided description and arrived in perfect condition; if we are unable to contact the buyer in 8 days after receiving the item, the transaction is considered as a good sale and we transfer the money to the owner

How much it costs

  • No listing  fee is required
  • You can list as many items you feel comfortable to
  • We retain a 15% from selling price

Who we are

Seryolux, Inc a Miami based company specialized in Exclusive Italian Luxury items and services
Website: www.seryolux.com

If you have any question you can contact us at info@seryolux.com or by phone 786. 631. 9981

Common Q&A

Q. Since you are holding the money until clients confirm correspondence of the piece with its description, does that means the buyer can change his/her mind?
A. No! As a general rule, every sale is final and the only reason for a buyer to have money back is that a purchased piece was not diligently described and/or arrived in bad condition or with evident defects that were guiltily hidden by the seller.

Q. Do I have to provide a return policy?
A. You can if you want. A return policy might be a good point to make potential buyers felling more positive about your piece but it is not mandatory.

Q. What if a piece has arrived broken?
A. We pay the seller and deal with insurance and buyer (Full insurance is mandatory; if the seller doesn’t provide full insurance, he/her remains responsible in case a piece breaks during shipping)

Q. How long does it takes to being paid
A. We pay immediately after receiving communication of good correspondence between description and the received piece; in any case not over 8 days from delivery if buyer cannot be reached.

Q. What is the price an item should be sold?
A. We can help you deciding a selling price for an item but final decision is yours only!

Q. Can I sell an item listed on www.theglass,miami somewhere else?
A. Sure! You are completely free to dispose of your item! But please, let us know as soon as a piece is sold so we can delist it.

Q. Do I have to pay for handling/shipping?
A. As general rule buyers are responsible for that and you should provide a precise quote to be added to the transaction.
But you can offer a very much appreciated free shipping service if you want, either when listing an item or during the deal.

Q. What if a client sees my piece on www.theglass.miami and contacts me for a private transaction?
A. We work hard to allow collectors and connoisseurs to find beautiful pieces. In the other hand, sellers benefit of our site’s visibility, specification and uniqueness, together with the fact that we deal with description, determination of price when request, bibliography if known and, above all, with buyers; for all these reasons, we believe that we deserve to be paid for our efforts.