BUYER'S POLICY A safe and easy way to buy with confidence beautiful items for your collection. We are at your full disposal; for any question, please contact us and we will assist you for a secure transaction.

When buying on you are purchasing items that have been judged original, genuine and correspondent to the original seller’s description.

We do make our research to provide any available bibliography; then we add it to seller’s original description.

When an item is approved to be listed on, we are responsible for as follow:

  • description
  • bibliography
  • condition
  • shipping (costs are on buyers when not differently specified)
  • return (when accepted)


  • to acquire a piece listed on payment is due in full
  • we do accept PayPal, wire transfers, mayor credit cards in case of partial payment without notice to the item is not considered on hold for the client unless express agreement between and the client; if, after partial payment is done by one client, a second buyer pays in full for the same item through direct check out, the full payment is considered to win the item.
    The client who had partially paid for the item will be reimbursed for the processed payment and will retain all payment’s processing fees.
  • when an item is paid in full is considered sold; to provide exact shipping quote we need full address for shipping, that will be charged accordingly, unless expressly specified in the description that the item is offered with shipping included.
    Item will be shipped after full payment of both price and shipping costs.
  • if buyers, after payment has been processed, decides not to buy the item, a 10% re-listing fee will be withheld; in any case, an item is considered sold after shipping and, unless return is expressly accepted for the purchased item, every sale is final.
    If return is accepted, buyer will pay shipping costs for returning the item and will be refunded after item is received in the same condition it has been shipped.
  • if client contacts to buy an item and the item is not purchased through direct check out, payment is due in 48 hours after it has been put on hold for client


  • Unless differently specified, every sale is final and no return is accepted
  • Return is accepted, also if not expressly considered, when an item differs significantly from original description or presents visible defects that compromise the value of the item itself and that were not clearly mentioned in the original description.
    In this case buyer will be fully reimbursed and won’t be required to pay for shipping back the item.
  • When return is accepted for an item, costs for return are responsibility of the buyer
  • When an item is returned, buyer will be refunded of full payment after the item is received in the same condition it has been originally shipped. Damaged items will not be refunded and the sale will be considered final.


  • If not differently indicated on item’s description, buyer is responsible for shipping costs.
  • Every item sold on is shipped fully insured
  • We can arrange shipping according to buyer’s requirements: type of service, shipping time, additional insurance, crate, etc.
  • In case buyer receives a damaged item, client is required to contact us immediately to receive assistance and to start the refund process with shipping and insurance company.
    In any case buyer will be fully refunded for the damaged item in 15 days from having noticed about the issue
  • When an item is shipped from a Country that is different than the receiver’s one, buyer is required to take care of any custom fee/taxes if any is due.
  • Seryolux, Inc a company based in Miami, FL United States of America.
    When an item is purchased by a Florida resident we do charge a 7% State Tax Fee unless a re-sell number is provided.


  • Any dispute arising as a result of a purchase thorough will be subjected to the governing laws of the State of Florida. Venue shall lie in Miami Dade County, Eleventh Judicial Court of Florida.