• The holes are very elegant and, on request, they can be covered with various types of leather, from a vintage one to a colored one, with hand-made stitching providing a sense of quality and elegance.
  • The Landmark of the edge (called “diamonds”) can be lacquered or made of real mother-of-pearl.
  • The playing area is made of the best Italian slate, in 3 sections to be easily and perfectly adjusted, as required from a professional billiard table.
  • As an option, it’s possible to order the Opera Media Style bin, perfect to storage the table covers (optional: they transform the billiard table in a wonderful table), balls and sticks.

Each Billiard Table includes:

  • 01 Wall billiard cues stand of same design
  • 05 Lacquered Wooden billiard cues
  • 01 Set of numbered balls
  • 01 Triangle
  • 02 chalks
  • 01 Billiard table Fabric Cover
  • 01 Book of the games’ rules
  • 01 brush
  • Billiard Cues’ kit
  • Custom color playing surface’s fabric

3 sizes available:

  • Standard:Playing area: 86½" x 43.3"   Overall dimensions: 101.5" x 58.2"
  • Reduced:  Playing area: 78½" x 39¼"   Overall dimensions: 93½" x 62.2"
  • Large: Playing area:  94.5" x 47.2" Overall dimensions: 109¼" x 62.2

Delivery time: 3 to 4 months, depending on client's requirements

For more details, please contact us