Offered for sale is a vibrant Artwork by Enrico Cecotto, who, for his technique, has to be considered a very innovative and unique Artist.
We could define Cecotto's Works as Relational Pop Art, since his unique art mixes colors, materials, emotions.
Also, being very sensitive to environmental matters, Enrico re-uses fabric, faux leather and other materials that are wisely shaped and hand-painted to create Artworks capable to spread his messages.
"Supershark" is a one-of-a-kind bas-relief shark on a red background.
On its skin the Artist painted some iconic symbols of pop and cartoon art: Superman, Popeye, a tiger.
The teeth are made of hand-painted papier-mâché; a button was used for the eye.
Cecotto then covered the surface of the shark with a special resin normally used to protect the boats' wooden elements , a technique that provides a wonderful shining effect capable to enhance colors and contours.
Measurements are to be considered without the frame.
Custom projects upon request.